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Location:Walk-IN Center
Distance: 2,3 km

Wáberer Walk-In Center

1123 Budapest, Alkotás utca 55-61.
HillSide Offices
+36 1 323 7000
Open: Monday – Friday, 10 A.M.– 7 P.M.,

Wáberer Walk-In Center provides professional medical care for urgent health issues from Monday to Friday. We aim to treat our patients with acute injuries.

We treat

wound of recent accident, head injuries, limb wounds
leg, ankle, knee sprain, strain, ligament injury, fracture
hand, finger, wrist sprain, contusion, fracture
lower arm, elbow, shoulder injury
joint sprain
closed limb injury
muscle sprain, muscle tear
home or household injury, school injury, minor workplace accident
sport injury

We do NOT treat

syncope related to head injury
severe cervical, spinal, thoracic, abdominal injury
hip fracture, long bone (femur) fracture
compound fracture
injuries under the age of 12
intentional self-harm
wound infection

Before your visit, please note:

Walk-IN Care in case medical urgency

  • Non-life-threatening conditions
  • Immediate medical attention
  • General medical needs
  • From 12 yr of age

We cannot assist in the following emergency cases

  • Life-threatening injury or illness
  • Heart attack or stroke
  • Head injuries or severe trauma
  • Under the age of 1 yr
  • Call 112 in case you experience the above listed symptoms
What we offer

Other services

  • Review clinic to follow up Walk-IN visits
  • Laboratory tests
  • Diagnostic imaging services
  • Specialist by appointment

Review clinic to follow up Walk-IN visits

All Walk-In center patients can benefit from our comprehensive review clinic service that allows us to monitor and assist their treatment until full recovery.


  • Patient control and follow up of Walk-In center patients
  • Patient management and counselling: referral to specialist if needed

Check out our primary care services at www.wmc.hu.

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If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 112 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.